Saturday, June 26, 2010

Denim fetish | Guys In Bulging Jeans

Denim fetish such as “guys in bulging jeans” along with “jeans face sitting” and “pee jeans” are worldwide phenomenon that cuts across continents, nationalities, and sexual orientation. Interests in men with big jeans bulge leading all other forms of jeans fetishim monthly internet searches running into thousands.

Denim also tops the list of clothing fetishism like high heels, costumes and jackets.

No one, and definitely not Levi Strauss, would have dreamt that the humble blue collar work wear could grow to such international status in the fashion world and developed such fetishism. Whether it is good or bad for the image of jeans really doesn’t matter. Jeans manufacturers all over the world both branded and counterfeits are cashing in on this global fever in jeans revolution with denim fetishism as a significant constituent.

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