Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Order Jeans Online | Buy Jeans

Have you considered ordering your favorite jeans online?

Buying or ordering jeans online have its advantageous and is a simple process. You don’t have to go to the local store, saving both petrol and time. It is also hassle-free: no pushy sales people, no traffic jams and you don’t have to rush back to catch your favorite TV shows. Prices are great as online stores don't have to rent retail shoplot at high traffic streets or malls.

The process of buying jeans online starts with a simple input of the word ‘jeans’ into the search box of a search engine like Google or an online shopping site like Amazon.com.

Once you are inside the site of the online shop, pick an option straight away – be it Levis’ Jeans, Lee Jeans, or whatever brands you fancy. Peruse what you like - pick by brand, color, cut and size - then click at your choice product to add to the shopping cart; then, go to the payment page. That’s all. Really quite simple.

If you are browsing in Amazon.com’s site, you may also do your grocery shopping or buy electronic products like cameras at the same time before you checkout. Get everything [almost] you need from one site. How cool can this get?

Give it a shot ;-)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Who Invented Blue Jeans | History Of Blue Jeans

Much has been written about who invented blue jeans and it's fascinating history - from humble beginnings to today's diverse brands and cuts, to its international status. This peculiar garment is worn by people from all walks of lives including celebrities. Both young and the no-so-young adore it.

Not many articles however articulated its invention and history as well as the video below. It's a must watch for all jeans lovers.

Here's a video version by junior Greg Conn who create this documentary on who invented blue jeans for National History Day 2010 contest.


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Authentic Red Monkey Jeans | RMC Jeans Guide

The hunt for the authentic Red Monkey Jeans is going on....

Sites selling fake and cheap Red Monkey Jeans are aplenty. However,those who value and want to buy real Red Monkey Jeans would rather go to sites like Amazon.com.

Here's one of the better video on jeans. Check it out.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

What Goes With Jeans‏

Jeans is one of the most versatile apparel, and certainly almost ‘universally loved’.

It goes well with most clothing and accessories - sweaters, t-shirts, v-necks, over-sized tops, knitted, solid or floral shirts. It can go with tight or lose shirts.

You can wear chunky or tiny accessories, or no accessories – it is alright. You can add scarf and it will still blend in well.

Perhaps, the only rule is, do you feel look and comfortable when deciding on what tops goes well with jeans.

Footwear, however, is a bit more tricky. Though most footwear match jeans, exercise care when wearing platform shoes, and boots. Check how you look in a full length mirror when choosing platform shoes with skinny jeans. With boots, always tuck in your jeans.

Christian Audigier Jeans

Christian Audigier Jeans

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How To Break In New Jeans

Breaking in new jeans is really quite simple. Frequent wear and frequent wash will break in jeans. Add fabric softener during wash.

For speedier break ins, buy fabric with ramie or spandex.

Learn more from this:

New Evisu Jeans on sale

How To Pinroll Jeans

There are very few types of apparel that match jeans in terms of versatility – where people of all ages can wear, and where it is appropriate for many different occasions. Over the years, people have also created new designs and ways to wear this couture; and one of the fanciful styles is to pinroll jeans.

Pinrolls are tiny cuffs with tight leg opening. It is easier to roll straight leg jeans and skinny jeans. People of different body shapes, height and sizes look good in this style - casual and fun.

It is a great way to wear denim during summer months. And, it goes well with high heels, and flat shoes.  
Here's a great video to show how it is done:

Noticed the difference between cuffed jeans and pinroll jeans as shown in video?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Ultra Low Rise Jeans For Men

How do men in low rise jeans look?

Check it out in this funny video, that is recorded by amateurs....but, hey they are having fun!

This simple message is: low rise jeans may look good on guys, but ultra low rise.....not so sure unless you have great abs and hinds ;-)

Another interesting question that we regularly receive: what do men wear under low rise jeans? mmmmm.......who cares; as long as the apparel looks good. ;-)

How To Wear Skinny Jeans

With the popularity of skinny jeans at highest ever and still growing, questions on how to wear skinny jeans crops up all the time! Here's a video attempting to answer this question.

Tips on how to wear skinny jeans video are by Harmonie Krieger an image consultant.