Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stretch Boot Cut Denim Leggings In-Trend

Just like skin tight jeans, it appears that denim leggings especially stretch boot cuts are making a come-back. It may be too early to say whether the young & trendy will embrace leggings in a big way. However, if one wants to stand out from the rest, leggings often do the trick pretty well.

Britney Spears Loves Her Tattoos and Tight Jeans

Other than her million dollar hits, Britney Spears’ fans are obsessed with her tattoos and tight jeans. Much has been written about these two favorites of her. There is also much speculation about why she loves tattoo whenever she put on a new one, and whether these provide deeper insights into her mind and thoughts.

Take for example, her fairy tattoo. One source thinks it symbolizes the youth in her. Another thinks it hints the secret need to hold and protect the child in her.

Whatever the reasons, both tattoo and tight jeans look great on her.

Sexy College Teen Girls In Tight Jeans Video

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Guys Wearing Ultra Low Rise Jeans

Jeans that are more than 3 inches below the belly button may be classified as ultra low rise jeans. Also known as super low rise jeans, these apparels are popular with young adults and teenagers. Statistically, there are more girls than guys wearing jeans of this cut. Other than blue, black low rise jeans are familiar sights in places where youth gathers.

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Retail Stores That Sell Bill Blass Jeans

Born to a dressmaker and traveling hardware saleman, William Ralph Blass established the Bill Blass fashion house in 1970 and became of the most internationally recognized designers of his time. His apparels are available in many retail stores like Sam Club, Goodwill Store, Beals including online stores. One of the most reputable and established online store that sell Bill Blass Jeansis Amazon.

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Who Makes The Lowest Jeans

Levi, GAP, Wrangler, Dickies Girl, Victoria’s Secret, and many other brands manufacture low rise including ultra low rise jeans which are considered the lowest. A matter of fact,  the popularity of low rise jeans including ultra low rise have soared to such heights it is unthinkable for jeans retail outlets, including online stores, not so stock it as no other style of jeans come close to the sexy and attention-grapping effect of ultra low rise jeans.

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