Saturday, October 31, 2009

History Of Denim Blue Jeans

Most people attribute the invention of blue jeans to Levi Strauss without realizing that the history of blue jeans may have dated as far back as the 16th century.

The original word for “jeans” was “Genoese”, the name for Italian sailors who wore blue fabric garments made of cotton, wool and linen blend. Another version claimed that the word “jeans” was of French origin – it was “serge” – a mix of silk / wool from the French town of Nimes.
Yet, another have it that the history of blue jeansstarted in India where pants of similar material were worn by sailors of Dhunga.

Whatever it was, that is quite irrelevant now. What matters is that the popularity of jeans has grown worldwide and a favorite wear of both young and old.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Why Are Jeans Hot!

the reason is obvious!

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How Can I Fit Into Ultra Low Rise Jeans?

The mere thought of wearing ultra low rise jeans brings blushes to some people. You could almost hear them breath, “my oh my!.....with my type of figure?”

But if you have 6-pack abs or teenager-type of tummy, why not show off what you have with ultra low rise jeans. It doesn’t matter whether it is tight or baggy, low rise jeans will accentuate your flat-board tummy so well that even the most casual passerby cannot help but give you a flattering look. Some might even turned green and run to the nearest gym to sign-up for the next tummy-flattening class!

Now, that is the attention grabbing power of ultra low rise jeans! – people dying to fit into it but just cannot afford to be seen it one of those jeans without looking embarrassingly awful. Well, I guess the only exception is, if you think bulging middle sections is the next in-thing. Don’t bet on it – it’s not going to be so in this millennium – I assure you.

Well, all is not lost. There is the gym and dozens of diet and weight reduction programs you can sign-up to re-shape yourself. For motivation, perhaps, get yourself a pair of ultra low rise jeans and hang it in your bedroom. Bet you are likely to work hard so that you can fit into it – hopefully soon. So, if you have not been successful in re-sizing yourself, this little trick might just work!