Friday, July 30, 2010

Rich & Skinny Women's Distressed Skinny Jeans Online

Created by Michael Glasser and Joie Rucker, the Rich and Skinny Jeans is an exciting collection that was launched in late November 2006. Known for its incredible flattering, sexy yet comfortable fits, Rich and Skinny offers buyers a range of cool color washes that caters for the young and trendy women / girls who wants to look rich and skinny!  This truly an awesome line of jeans for today's casual and formal wear is available online. Check it out here: Women Rich and Skinny Distressed Skinny Jeans

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Who Makes Sells Hudson Skinny Jeans

Looking for a reliable online site that sells Hudson Skinny Jeans? Your search ends here as we can direct you to the trust-worthy site that sells all sorts of apparels online. On Hudson Jeans, they stock Bootcut, Wide Leg in addition to Skinny Jeans that are also popular with celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, Emma Watson and Jennifer Aniston. Click here to check it out your Hudson Jeans.

Cheap Wrangler Jeans Online | History Of Blue Jeans In America

Wrangler Jeans have a long history that dates back to 1943. It was first manufactured by Blue Bell after they purchased the brand from Casey Jones. Reflective of American freedom, Wrangler also signifies fun and courageous spirit. It is available online at sites like, that stocks different cuts ranging from slim fit, utility, loose fit, carpenter and regular fit at discounted [cheap] prices.

Click here to view Wrangler Jeans available online.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gloria Vanderbilt Women’s Amanda Capri Jeans

Born in New York City, Gloria Vanderbilt was most well-known as a creator of early designer jeans. Her jeans were considered ahead of times when she introduced the tightly fitted, now known as skinny jeans, during the 1970s. Over the years, Gloria Vanderbilt introduces various types of jeans including the popular Capri jeans. Her women’s Amanda Capri Jeans  made of 98% cotton and 2% spandex, comes in various sizes including 12, 14 and 16, is comfortable and has a bit of stretch.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Harvey Davidson Mens Road Warrior 3 In 1 Leather Jacket Size Small

Leather jackets have been a significant part of Western pop culture for decades. These leather jackets, like Harvey Davidson Mens Road Warrior 3-in-1, that are retailed in different sizes - from small to size-plus, has left a lasting iconic mark on western civilization with an influence so powerful that the leather jacket holds meaning identified with its earlier symbolism – “toughness” or “coolness” or “independence” - along with new meaning brought about by changing states-of-mind, such as importance of freedom and a sense of worldliness.

Jacket styles have not evolved much since the 1950s and early 1960s. Today’s designs look similar to those depicted in the movies of that era, though emphasis is on functionality with the introducton of removable cotton hood, two-way zipper vent on cuffs, pockets for cell phone and MP3 player.

Fabric-wise, the use of light leather and polyester mesh linings are common for construction of jackets.

Other trendy and useful additions include reflective pipings and front / back graphics.

Like its accompanying couture, jeans, leather jackets will remain in the casual scene for a long time.

CLICK HERE to collect your Harley-Davidson® Men's Reflective Road Warrior 3-in-1 Leather Jacket. Reflective piping & graphics. 98138-09VM. Size - small, medium, tall, xxx-large.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Correct Length For Skinny Jeans

Getting the length correct for skinny jeans is easy. Here's two pictures of the correct length:

The illustrations above are jeans from the trendy and sexy Bongo Jeans.

Noticed skinny or tight jeans goes very well with high heels though other footwear are also suitable.

Uttar Pradesh Colleges Ban Jeans

The Dayanand Girl’s College in Kanpur city, India told the press that jeans have been banned. Girls who wear jeans will be expelled.

A number of colleges in Uttar Pradesh are adopting a similar stand by outlawing jeans on campus.

This is an attempt to halt sexual harassment crimes by fellow male college mates.

It is not the first time colleges in India ban jeans. Previous attempts on enforcing dress codes were reversed following protests from students.

Support for banning of jeans in certain premises like high schools and colleges is not limited to India. Similar cries for outlawing jeans also occurred in USA, UK and other countries.

The good news for jeans lovers is that such actions are sporadic and limited.

Stacks In My Jeans Video

Anything about jeans is HOT. Here's the lyrics and video of Snoop Dogg's "Staxxx [Stacks] in my jeans" hit. Enjoy!

[Chorus 1]

Stacks in my jeans, Phantom up in my garage
Stacks in my jeans, Phantom up in my garage
My pockets look like Rerun, your pockets look like Raj

Stacks in my jeans, Phantom up in my garage
(I got) Stacks in my jeans, Phantom up in my garage
(I got) Stacks in my jeans, Phantom up in my garage
My pockets look like Rerun, your pockets look like Raj

[Snoop Dogg]

It's the same story, a nigga rich
I'm on some nigga shit, and yo' nigga bitch
You better check him, tell him I'm off the chain
I buck and bang, homie that's on the gang
Oh I ain't got a problem, you see me gettin' stacks
You see I bought the Phantom, 24's don't come with that
I've been around the world, check grip in every state
Yo' bitch don't like me, she fake, some people might call it hate
But I don't give a damn, a bosses life is how I make that bread
Toss the mic and I'll still be richer than rich and have yo' bitch make my bed
My pockets fat as shit, you niggaz mad as shit
Pumps "Neither One of Us", I'm on some Gladys shit
Many have tried and failed, shit I'm out on bail
I make more cheese than your old man and he went to Yale
Shit I went to jail, you can go to hell
You got some shit to tell? I got some shit for sale

[Chorus 2]
(I got) Stacks in my jeans, Phantom up in my garage
(I got) Stacks in my jeans, Phantom up in my garage
(I got) Stacks in my jeans, Phantom up in my garage
My pockets look like Rerun, your pockets look like Raj

[Snoop Dogg]
Candypaint drippin', look at all them bags
Had to show and brag, 'cause bein' broke's a drag
I gotta get this paper, my kids they gotta eat
We got a lot of heat, just case them dollars cease
Been out for ballin', shot callin' I make that change
And I don't want the Range, chop that trey on thangs
That's how them gangstas do it, we get our green in bricks
We put our green in blunts, you spend your green on chicks
I'm on some player shit, dynasty, straight Laker shit
Cook it up on some baker shit and chop it up for some paper bitch
I got my mind right, and my money right
If you ain't in the game for the money you the funny type
And I'm laughin' my ass off, Phantom with the mask off
Legal so they hatin' when I gas off
You know how Snoopy does it, Phantom don't bitch touch it
One hundred thousand a show, I'm gettin' doe like fuck it

[Repeat Chorus 2]

[Snoop Dogg]
Look how that flag hangin', gangbang and I ain't no punk
Maintain 'til that thang come out the trunk, make that K go pump-pump-pump
I'm bout my business boy, makin' money never been so smooth
Your bitch you 'bout to lose, 'cause she about to choose
And that's the way it goes, S-N double-One
You want that quiet type, I want that trouble hoe
Now go get paper girl, yeah I meant for real
One time I told a bitch not to come back 'til she got $2,000 in $2 bills
That's cold game, the whole thang
I'm high as Soul Plane, I smoked the whole thang
You know how daddy do it, I'm true to it
I take a cocaine Buick and put some blue to it
That's some gangsta shit, these hoes love this gangsta dick
Khakis and some gangsta kicks, yeah bitch that's my gangsta fit
I'm ballin' boy, and you ain't got to ask
She all about this pimpin', I'm all about this cash

[Chorus 2]
(I got) Stacks in my jeans, Phantom up in my garage
(I got) Stacks in my jeans, Phantom up in my garage
(I got) Stacks in my jeans, Phantom up in my garage
My pockets look like Rerun, your pockets look like Raj

(I got... I got... I got... I got)

My pockets look like Rerun, your pockets look like Raj

Thursday, July 1, 2010

What Shoes To Wear With Cuffed Jeans

Like most styles of jeans, cuffed jeansare versatile as it goes well with many different types of shoes and footwear.

You choose the footwear based on your activity and mood for the day. If you want a ladylike look, go for high heels. If you want to look and feel casual, wear a pair of flats or platform shoes. During colder days, put on long boots with the cuff over the top edge of your boots.

If you are not sure what shoes to wear with cuffed jeans, simply check out some fashion magazines and follow what celebrities wear!

How To Make Rips In Jeans | Rip Your Own Jeans

There are a number of ways on how to make rips in jeans. One of the simpler ways you can rip your own jeans is listed below:

(1) Use an old pair of jeans

(2) Decide on which part of the jeans you wish to make rips

(3) Use a pen to draw a line or pattern on the part of the jeans where you want to make the jeans look ripped

(4) Put a block of wood beneath the line or pattern

(5) Rub the fabric using sandpaper, grater or wood file until the fabric breaks up

(6) Cut the remaining thread

Yes, it’s that simple.

Anyway, here’s video showing how to make rips in jeans.

Method is slightly different and less precise, but the results is almost the same.

It’s still cool ripped jeans!