Sunday, July 11, 2010

Harvey Davidson Mens Road Warrior 3 In 1 Leather Jacket Size Small

Leather jackets have been a significant part of Western pop culture for decades. These leather jackets, like Harvey Davidson Mens Road Warrior 3-in-1, that are retailed in different sizes - from small to size-plus, has left a lasting iconic mark on western civilization with an influence so powerful that the leather jacket holds meaning identified with its earlier symbolism – “toughness” or “coolness” or “independence” - along with new meaning brought about by changing states-of-mind, such as importance of freedom and a sense of worldliness.

Jacket styles have not evolved much since the 1950s and early 1960s. Today’s designs look similar to those depicted in the movies of that era, though emphasis is on functionality with the introducton of removable cotton hood, two-way zipper vent on cuffs, pockets for cell phone and MP3 player.

Fabric-wise, the use of light leather and polyester mesh linings are common for construction of jackets.

Other trendy and useful additions include reflective pipings and front / back graphics.

Like its accompanying couture, jeans, leather jackets will remain in the casual scene for a long time.

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