Sunday, July 31, 2011

Andrew Garfield Height Set For Levis | Celebrity Jeans Trend 2012

You can bet that from now to 2012 when Spiderman opens in major cinemas worldwide, Andrew Garfield, who plays Peter Parker, is set to rock jeanoholics round the globe sky high, and take the celebrities fashion trend for jeans to another level. Online searches about what brand and make of jeans he wears, and questions about whether his height is right for this casual wear will peak.
Already, much has been written about his filming with his sexy co-star Emma in Los Angeles, and talks are aplenty that he is amongst the growing trend of celebrities to choose Levi's jeans on the set.
So, stay tune with this blog, and we’ll keep you updated about Andrew’s casual wears and favorites.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Ultra Low Rise Hipster Jeans With 1 Inches Zipper

Hipster jeans, in particular, ultra low rise with 1 inches zipper, will certainly make heads turn. Ladies naturally look good in this casual wear; and if they are stage performers, you can bet there will be lots for welcome cheers for the wearer.

Most people will probably need to lose a couple of inches, i.e. slim down to fit into such sexy active wear. The same should be said of individuals who opt for less attention-grabbing couture like straight and bootcut jeans. You want the denim to show-off your curves in the right places. And, that applies to both men and women.
As that is desirable, it should be fairly easy even if you choose to go from size-plus to the model-like figurine as there are lots of weight loss programs available in the market.

Fashion and style aside, it pays to stay healthy and slender.

You will naturally feel good about your body.

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Men 501 Levis | Permanent Tight Jeans Bulge Forum

Much has been discussed about men with conspicuous permanent bulge when wearing tight jeans on various online fashion forum – whether wearing Levis 501or other denim. Some adore the look while others prefer it to be more subdued.
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Funny Diesel Zathan Tight Jeans Video Online

This is probably one of the funniest jeans video online. The person in sexy tight jeans could be wearing a Diesel Zathan.

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Designer Prada Light Grey Pr23MS | Wear Sunglasses With Ultra Low Rise Denim

Jeans are extremely versatile and are excellent casual wear. It goes well with other fashion accessories like sunglasses. The next time you stroll in the city, be lookout for slender ladies in ultra low rise denim with trendy designer wear like the Prada Light Grey Pr23Ms.They are super cool!

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Nelly Apple Bottoms Jeans | Chart Size For Kids

Apple Bottoms’s cutting edge collection, which includes jeans for kids, became immensely popular after Nelly and his team launched the nationwide “Apple Bottoms Girl” search.

Worn by celebrities including Oprah and Ashanti, and branded as an international fashion wear, the company continues to forge a strong identity with its signature apple pocket. Today, its collection includes handbags, footwear, sunglasses, optical, jewelry and clothes for juniors.

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Buy Red Jeans For Kids | Fashion Color Trends

Bright and vivid - this sounds like the new fashion code word for this era - as more jean brands are marketing bright red and other hot colors for this evergreen denim. Targeted mainly at young adults and kids, red is highly sought after - but that does not mean that the classic blue and black are fading.

In a culture where casuals like jeans and tee-shirts are a commonplace, it is not unusual for people to buy 6 – 8 pairs of jeans; having a red will certainly brighten one’s wardrobe.

As red color, especially ruby tones, is naturally “eye-catching”, it is also favored by those who want to standout from the crowd and make heads turn.

Levi’s, Guess, Versace, Southpole, Social Collision, Tripp, Red Stud  are some of the brands that are cashing in on this trend with skinny jeans.

So, step-forward with red……and be seen!

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Celebrity Jeans Trends 2011 – Levi’s Tight Flare And Straight Leg Fashion

Looks like Levi's, the original jeans brand, will remain vogue for year 2011 and beyond. Male celebrities like Chris Hemsworth of Thor are seen going for the classic Levi’s straight leg. Hollywood babes, however, seem to prefer flare jeans. Perhaps, it’s the female kind of thing - flare legs tend to accentuate the thighs and butt!

Shia Labeouf Height – Right For Skinny Jeans

Shia Labeouf, who starred in the Transformers movie is known for his casual dressing – prefers skinny jeans and often seen in T-shirts. At a height of about 5 feet 9 inches, he may not be considered not tall, but is certainly right for many different jeans style.

By any measure, Shia may be considered modest and fairly down-to-earth – that’s remarkable for someone who is paid a salary of US$15 million for his role in Dark Of The Moon. To illustrate, here’s one of his personal quotes, “I know I'm one of the luckiest dudes in America right now. I have a great house. My parents don't have to work. I've got money. I'm famous. But it could all change, man. It could go away. You never know.”

Great thinking from a jeans man!

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