Saturday, July 2, 2011

Buy Red Jeans For Kids | Fashion Color Trends

Bright and vivid - this sounds like the new fashion code word for this era - as more jean brands are marketing bright red and other hot colors for this evergreen denim. Targeted mainly at young adults and kids, red is highly sought after - but that does not mean that the classic blue and black are fading.

In a culture where casuals like jeans and tee-shirts are a commonplace, it is not unusual for people to buy 6 – 8 pairs of jeans; having a red will certainly brighten one’s wardrobe.

As red color, especially ruby tones, is naturally “eye-catching”, it is also favored by those who want to standout from the crowd and make heads turn.

Levi’s, Guess, Versace, Southpole, Social Collision, Tripp, Red Stud  are some of the brands that are cashing in on this trend with skinny jeans.

So, step-forward with red……and be seen!

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