Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How To Pinroll Jeans

There are very few types of apparel that match jeans in terms of versatility – where people of all ages can wear, and where it is appropriate for many different occasions. Over the years, people have also created new designs and ways to wear this couture; and one of the fanciful styles is to pinroll jeans.

Pinrolls are tiny cuffs with tight leg opening. It is easier to roll straight leg jeans and skinny jeans. People of different body shapes, height and sizes look good in this style - casual and fun.

It is a great way to wear denim during summer months. And, it goes well with high heels, and flat shoes.  
Here's a great video to show how it is done:

Noticed the difference between cuffed jeans and pinroll jeans as shown in video?