Friday, January 15, 2010

Popular Jeans 2010

This is the time of the year when fashion designers and houses, and jeans manufacturers are busy cracking their heads trying to predict what's hot for year 2010. Opinions are bound to defer.

If we were to use online searches as an indicator, and rightly so, the hottest and most popular jeans for year 2010 will be skinny jeans. This will definitely be an indisputably hot item when we look at the volume of searches for skinny jeans vis-a-vis searches for other types of jeans. Another significant indicator is the steep rise in search volumes, a trend which become significant since year 2005.

Other popular types of jeans, ranked by search volumes are:

2nd - boot-cut jeans
3rd - low rise jeans
4th - flare jeans
5th - straight leg jeans

On popular brands, Diesel Jeans take the lead in popularity. This is followed closely by True Religion Jeans, Levi's Jeans and Wrangler Jeans.

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