Monday, August 23, 2010

100% Cotton Levi Strauss Men Low Rise 527 Jeans Size 30/32

Levi’s men low rise 527 jeans is available in many sizes, viz, 29/30, 30/30, 30/32, 32/30, 32/34, 34/32 including 38/32. Made of 100% cotton, these best fitting denim are very comfortable for casual and formal wear. Prices by Amazon for both new and used jeans are cheap as it is competitively discounted. Buyers also enjoy free shipping.

Levi’s 527 appeals to trendy guys from various walks of life, and caters to those who prefer regular fit, boot cut, straight and other cuts. If you prefer the sexy extreme or ultra low rise jeans that shows your buttock crack / cleavage and public hair, you may be disappointed. Guys with big bellies should opt for high-waist jeans that give good support and makes the beer belly look smaller.

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